Over fifteen years ago our company began marketing food products in the organic segment by meeting – and putting them in contact with – producers, processors and traders, from the small shop behind the house to the most important large-scale retail outlets.

Subsequently, developing this first experience, the field of action expanded to the TYPICAL ITaliano DOP product, the strength and the backbone of the national food and gastronomic chain.

Subsequently, for over six years, we worked in partnership with a historic leader in Milan, specialized in the sector of processed raw materials.

Three different periods, three different approaches to the same goal: to search, among the numerous producers, the best quality of each food to offer it to the customer, large distributor or small trader that it is, and through it to the consumer citizen, who has now learned to choose the best.

But we were not satisfied with grinding thousands of kilometers, and a lot of experience, in contact with retail customers In these years, in the evening, we also wanted to work inside some kitchens, to better understand the processes, the manipulations and the transformations to appreciate the products it offered and sold during the day.

The first step was taken in the classic takeaway pizzeria, the same as that which many have at home, whose owner taught him, with great passion and equal perseverance, the practice of transforming flour, handling the base, filling, the classic combinations and also the variables of the kitchen, using in addition to the classic Italian tomato creams, savory and sweet, to create different tastes and combinations.

For these reasons, we have never sold, and will never sell, a product whose quality is not fully convinced; we will never offer a food that we would not bring to the table for ourselves and our families.