A delicate and light product, suitable for everyone.
Delicious on bread, irresistible on hot polenta.
Excellent grated on Roman dishes, carbonara griccia and other delicacies.
Delicious on bread, irresistible on hot polenta.
An Italian excellence known all over the world.
Delicious sliced ​​on a breadstick, unique in cubes!
A salami that has the right balance between the sweetness of the meat and the aromaticity of the spices.
Our pasta is produced with HIGH QUALITY organic semi-wholemeal durum wheat
Excellent for enriching salads or on skewers, scamorza cheese, due to its ability to "spin", is ideal in the kitchen for baked preparations that require light gratin.
excellent after a meal with fruit and raisin wines.
Savoring fresh asiago you feel the fresh taste of mountain grass.
Mascarpone is tasted as it is in the pan in the preparation of creams and desserts, but also to season pasta and risotto.

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